Transcontinental Terror 2012 – Part 3 / 6 – FinalRune Productions and Aural Stage Studios

Transcontinental Audio Horror StoriesPart 3 of 6 of the Transcontinental Terror live streaming Halloween Horror Event.

Featuring FinalRune Productions (Portland, Maine) and Aural Stage Studios (Buffalo, NY) with Dark Passenger and Intensive Care Passenger and Intensive Care

FinalRune Productions is dedicated to producing compelling original audio drama.  Since their creation in 2006, FinalRune has released over a dozen original works, including the Ogle-Award winning “Waiting for a Window,” the pilot episode of “Open Season” by Archer Mayor (featured in The Wall Street Journal), and the cautionary tale “The Troll of Stony Brook.” FinalRune’s work is recorded on-location, using techniques similar to independent filmmaking for an immersive and realistic aural experience. Downloads of plays, production photographs, and articles on the craft are available on FinalRune’s website,

Aural Stage Studios is a team of audio designers, producers and engineers experienced in all aspects of audio, including theatre sound design, audio post-production, sound effect recording and design, voice recording, Foley and studio recording. Aural Stage Studios showcases writers and performing artists in an inexpensive and easily distributable medium with potential for world wide exposure.

Aural Stage Studios is responsible for the Ogle Award winning 2011 co-production of “Intensive Care” with FinalRune Productions, as well as their original series, Dialed In and 1918. Aural Stage Studio’s lead sound designer, Matthew Boudreau, is also principle sound designer behind FinalRune’s epic apocalyptic podcast series, The Cleansed.