This September on The Show

Labor Day blues got you down?? Not quite ready for sacks of books and long lectures again?? Then treat you ears (or iPod) to some kickin’ audio this September with a line-up of quirky and diabolical this month on the show…

We welcome back our friends at the Quicksilver Radio Theater for this diabolical Sherlock Holmes mystery.? Originally performed before a live studio audience, this show was directed by Jay Stern and stars Craig Wichman (also the adapter of the script) as Holmes and John Prave as Watson, and features music by Tony Award winner Mark Hollmann and stunning sound effects by Sue Zizza and David Shinn of Sue Media Productions.? “The Speckled Band,” one of the most diabolic of the Holmes mysteries, runs in two-parts, the first half airing on September 4th and the second half on September 11th (podcast up, as always, the Friday thereafter).

We’re joined by Yikes! Monsters, a Portland-area theatre troupe lauded for their irreverence and insight.? In their first appearance on radio, Yikes! will perform a series of monologues based on quirky could-be people of the Portland area, from a divorced father of four to a man who believes in dinosaurs and a man with rocks in his head.

Written, directed, and produced by my own FinalRune Productions, “Window” recounts the tale of Norman, a sailor who is waylaid on his adventures somewhere else and finds himself trapped on an island where no one seems to leave — or want to escape.? “Waiting for a Window” features a cast of Portland-area voice acting enthusiasts and professionals, including Bill Dufris, Ed Patterson, Joe Duley and Charly Duley among others.? Further contributing to the production’s unique sound is an original score produced by Barbara Truex, southern Maine composer, WMPG DJ and the resident sound designer of the Mad Horse Theatre Company. Recording was completed entirely in the field — at docks, in the woods, and in a created bar.

  • Craig

    Always a pleasure to be a part of RDR, Fred.

    And congrats, Others!
    -Craig W.

  • Fred Thank You for the opportunity on Radio Drama Revival. As a Yikester, you brought our work to life and that’s much appreciated!

  • Joe,

    Thanks so much for the comment – was a blast to work with you guys and I hope people enjoyed hearing your made up shit!