Episode 285: Titanium Rains Down on Us

This week on the show we have the searing hot rocket-paced adaptation of Titanium Rain, one of the most acclaimed (and controversial) graphic novel series in recent years. Scripted by the book’s author, Josh Finney, this audio drama remains completely loyal to the original to the material, yet offers new and expanded scenes that were […]

Episode 283 – Anne Manx Takes on the Ring of Minotour

This week on the show we again feature the Radio Repertory Company of America, a group that combines star-studded casts with clever, sassy, sci-fi scripts and soaring sound design for a listening experience quite beyond anything else out there. This week, we have the esteemed pleasure of featured a segment from their award-winning tale, Anne […]

Episode 282 – Bradbury’s Passing Brings Us to the Veldt

In this week we mark the passing of science fiction grand master Ray Bradbury, who has been eulogized well in media ranging from Wired Magazine, to Bloomberg and NPR. What hasn’t been said enough – Ray Bradbury was an enduring fan of the radio drama medium, and we take a moment now to celebrate the […]

Episode 273 – Embarking with Ruby to the Land of Zoots

Part 1 of 5 This week on the show we feature the dazzling work of Tom Lopez’s ZBS Foundation with the fast-talking galactic gumshoe, Ruby. Our feature: Ruby 5. The natives of the Awakening Archipelago turning their islands into a wacky world based on a story called The Land of Zoots. On one island they’re […]

Episode 269 – A Spring Cleansing, and Leviathan Chronicles Redux

The energy crisis is here! Well, at least in sound… With a humble thrill, I welcome you to debut of The Cleansed: Season 1. This post-apocalyptic audio epic picks up 15 years after the horrific events chronicled in the Pilot Episode. In the intervening years, David & Sam have build an off-grid stronghold called The […]

Episode 267 – The Ministry of Chance Opens for Business

Now in his second regeneration, defrocked Time Lord The Minister Of Chance finds himself saddled with ‘Kitty’, an ‘assistant’ he apparently cannot get rid of – and perilously entangled in the court intrigues and military politics of a forest planet on the brink of war. Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Paul Darrow join Julian Wadham […]

Episode 233 – Back From #CVG2011 with Stories To Tell and a Trip to 1918

Today we stagger back from a GREAT trip out west to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the CONvergence science fiction and fantasy convention (known to you Twitterers as #cvg2011). We received the 2010 Silver Mark Time for FinalRune‘s production The Cleansed: Episode Zero and celebrated with other winners, including Jonathan Mitchell (who created the spectacular Moon Graffiti), Matthew and […]

Episode 216: Bradbury 13 Rolls in With “A Sound of Thunder”

Six weeks of awesome sci-fi on Radio Drama Revival culminates this week with our feature of Bradbury 13, one of the most splendid productions ever to grace the annals of radio drama history. If you ever doubted how stereo sound changed the way we designed sound effects, let this production convince you. With special permission […]

Episode 211 – Issuing an Edict… Zero

Wow, folks, I can’t think of a more fantastic way to kick off our month of “Sci Fi February” than with the stellar new audio drama serial by Slipgate 9 Entertainment: Edict Zero – FIS. Sort of a CSI meets Bladerunner, the show follows a mysterious “Mister Cook” (with an awesome, awesome voice which is […]

Episode 210: Bradley Thunderbird Phoenix’s Searing Politics and Soaring Sci-Fi

This week we speak with audio artist Bradley Thunderbird Phoenix, a prolific audio artist who hails from Long Island, New York. He has over 100 audio shorts under his belt, across the spectrum from scathing political satire to eerie science fiction. We talk to this “black Rod Serling” and talk about his love of audio, […]

Episode 178 – Collector’s Fever and a Chat with Yuri Rasovsky

This week we wrap up our focus on Yuri Rasovsky, one of audio drama’s true greats who has been so kind as to let us re-broadcast pristine stereo recordings of his Beyond 2000 series originally recorded for NPR. Today we feature two last bits – “Collector’s Fever” by Roger Zelazny and “And Miles to Go […]