Episode 428 – An Appointment with Alba Salix, Royal Physician

This week: Witchcraft! Charlatans! A Canadian plot to annex the United States?(!) David begins with a brief bit of history on John R. Brinkley, the notorious Goat Gland Doctor of Milford, Kansas.  A bit of quackery seemed relevant given today’s episode, which features an episode of Alba Salix, Royal Physician, a fantasy hospital comedy.  The episode […]

Episode 358 – Riding the River and Cleansed

Week 3 of our focus on The Cleansed; this week we have back-to-back episodes from Season 2 of The Cleansed which is now available for pre-order through Blackstone Audiobooks. Season two of this postapocalyptic saga opens with a motley band of heroes traveling down a treacherous river—but nature is only the beginning of the challenges […]

Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere on BBC Radio 4: What Radio Drama Has Been Waiting For

Color me among the crazed fans out there who are waiting with baited breath for Dirk Maggs’ production of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.  The only thing I could imagine enjoying more than hearing the gifted Gaiman read his own work (if you haven’t had a chance to hear Gaiman read his stories, I highly recommend you […]

Episode 305 – Wireless Theatre Company is the BBC

This week on the show we feature the work of Wireless Theatre Company, in their cheeky play about the drama behind radio drama creation We Are the BBC (and a nod out to its predecessor, We are Not the BBC). Rob Sterling Davies is on the crest of a wave: a celebrated scriptwriter, actor, TV […]

Episode 303 – Day of the Dead Returns to New Orleans

Six years later, we revisit the radio drama that started it all for us – the retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice set in New Orleans, Day of the Dead. We’ve touched up our first radio drama with some new sounds of New Orleans and what we could to polish the performances. Set in the Crescent […]

Episode 293 – At Last, the Final Stalemate

This week on the show we finish our summer sizzler – INFIDEL – the lush, medieval epic with a message for our times, penned by the great Roger Gregg of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. In Part 4 of 4, we are moved to “Stalemate,” where the Christian knight and Muslim “Infidel” cross enemy (or friendly?) […]

Episode 290 – Unleashing Roger Gregg’s “Infidel”

This week on the show we feature our summer sizzler – INFIDEL – the lush, medieval epic with a message for our times, penned by the great Roger Gregg of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. INFIDEL is the story of two brothers – Sir Hugh of Beauvais and Sir Philip of Beauvais – who are drawn […]

Wireless Theatre Company Announces Contest for New Writers

Our friends at the Wireless Theatre Company have announced a new writing competition for young writers. Avast, ye young nimble pens! Here is an opportunity to work in this fantastic and limitless medium and get some serious kudos for your efforts: Award winning radio drama producers The Wireless Theatre Company are launching their first ever […]

Episode 270 – Meeting Six Suspects, Farewell Nod to Peter

First things first this week – a farewell nod to Peter Bergman, founding member of the legendary audio comedy troupe The Firesign Theatre, 1960s America’s answer to Monty Python. Their antics, multi-track madness and bitingly absurd satire imprinted the minds of a generation and transformed the concept of ‘radio theater.’ The Washington Post featured a […]

Episode 234 – Whoever Wishes with Cayenne Chris Conroy

Experiencing TEKnikal diffikulties? We hope you will after this podcast featuring the marvelous Cayenne Chris Conroy and his 6-year-running comedy podcast (with splashes of sci-fi adventure). TEKDIFF won the 2010 Gold Ogle for their production of the show we feature today, “Whoever Wishes,” a blissfully surreal comedic romp through the misadventure of a father looking […]

Episode 223 – Dangerous Women Who Change History

This week we have living history dramatized for you by The Living History Theatre and WYSO of Miami Valley (Ohio). The show, Dangerous Women, chronicles the beginning and end of the nearly century long struggle to give women the right to vote. The play begins in 1920, during a special election held by the Tennessee […]