FinalRune Releases Halloween Videos!

My own audio troupe, FinalRune Productions, has released a series of videos from behind the scenes of our live Halloween radio show. The videos give you a bit of flavor of what the show was like – the gear and guys and gals that make a great live radio show, plus sound innovative uses of […]

Using Social Media to Promote Audio Drama

The second installment in the internet marketing for audio drama series came to me rather unexpectedly as I routinely perused the Google Analytics stats for the last three months. So back in March, Radio Drama Revival saw something like quadruple the average number of visitors to the site. With a bit of a quizzical “What […]

What Every Radio Dramatist Should Know About SEO

As much as my passion is all things audio, my paid gig is internet marketing with a local firm, Hall Web Services. What that means is that on a daily basis I’m grilling websites, writing optimized web code, writing the most interesting copy I can muster and figuring out interesting ways to market products and […]