Episode 221 – Jonathan Mitchell’s Moon Graffiti and talking “the Truth”

Our guest today is Jonathan Mitchell, a seasoned radio producer, sound designer and composer whose work has appeared on Studio 360, Radiolab, This American Life, Fair Game, The Next Big Thing, Living on Earth, Weekend America, Marketplace, and All Things Considered. Wow! What’s most exciting is that Jonathan is a lifelong fan of radio drama, […]

Episode 178 – Collector’s Fever and a Chat with Yuri Rasovsky

This week we wrap up our focus on Yuri Rasovsky, one of audio drama’s true greats who has been so kind as to let us re-broadcast pristine stereo recordings of his Beyond 2000 series originally recorded for NPR. Today we feature two last bits – “Collector’s Fever” by Roger Zelazny and “And Miles to Go […]

Episode 176 – Going Beyond 2000 to a World of Robots

This week we feature the work of another major name in audio drama – Yuri Rasovsky, a luminary who as of last week boasts two new Audies in a belt well studded with audio awards. If you’ve never heard the work of “El Fiendo,” well, you’re in for a treat. I raved about his work […]

Episode 174 – Norman Corwin’s Curse of 589

This week we continue our celebration of Norman Corwin, audio luminary, poet laureate of radio. We skip ahead from the Golden Age of Radio to recent memory – a series he ran sponsored by NPR called “More by Corwin.” This was all produced live with celebrity actors including, no joke, William Shatner! Fun stuff. Enjoy […]