Episode 175 – Norman Corwin Takes an Audience with the BBC

Photo courtesy NormanCorwin.com This week we wrap up our month-long celebration of the poet laureate of radio, Norman Corwin, who celebrated his centennial this month. We tie together a month of great programming with a documentary by the BBC that lets Norman tell us the story of a life in radio – giving us a […]

Episode 174 – Norman Corwin’s Curse of 589

This week we continue our celebration of Norman Corwin, audio luminary, poet laureate of radio. We skip ahead from the Golden Age of Radio to recent memory – a series he ran sponsored by NPR called “More by Corwin.” This was all produced live with celebrity actors including, no joke, William Shatner! Fun stuff. Enjoy […]

Episode 173 – Norman Corwin’s Undecided Molecule

This week we continue our celebration of audio luminary Norman Corwin, who recently celebrated his 100th birthday. We have a report of the birthday bash held in Hollywood care of fellow audio artist Rich Fish: On May 1, the program at the Writers Guild Theatre was extraordinary. Leonard Maltin hosted and Peggy Webber’s California Artists […]

Episode 172 – 70 Years Later, We Still Hold These Truths…

Norman Corwin working in control booth during radio show “Untitled”;1944 Photographer: Gjon Mili #2Courtesy Norman Corwin website In a bold coup for Radio Drama Revival, we look back to yesteryear and the golden age of radio drama to celebrate one of its luminaries – the magnificent Norman Corwin, also called the “poet laureate of radio,” […]