Future of Radio Drama on BBC Radio 4 in Doubt?

The big (and troubling) news in the radio drama world this week is the announcement by BBC Radio 4 that they’re going to be ending their Friday play. BBC cites budget woes as the reason for the cut, and radio drama fans in Britain and beyond are concerned not only about the loss of this […]

“New Theater of the Mind” Interview from Macon Film Festival

James Kicklighter sent me a link to a new video out with himself, Edith Ivey, Berry Stolch and Jonathan Pope live from the Macon Film Festival. Hear about the background of the film, what it was like making it, and of course, some delicious tidbits about the golden age of radio! EInsiders.com – Where Film […]

Radio Drama Revival Now Syndicated on Red Radio

Now this is fun! Radio Drama Revival is now being syndicated on Red House Art Radio. Red Radio bills itself as “an innovative project of the Red House Art Center and is Central New York’s first listener-generated arts and ideas Internet radio station. Red House Art Radio [Red Radio] explores audio as an art-form and […]

What Makes a Podcast a Podcast?

Paul Potts writes a great article on What is a Podcast — from an aesthetic/production/creative sense. In addition to espousing just about everything about podcasts that I love, too, he has also some great things to say about radio drama. And I love what he says about professionalism (as much as I try to make […]

XM-Sirius Merger Final

Well, the death toll for diversity has already been sounding for some time, but it still didn’t make it great news to hear that the XM and Sirius merger has been approved. I can’t applaud either company for making an exceptional effort at redefining the radio medium, but given that satellite seems destined to be […]

Give the Gift of Audio This Season

Well, blind-sided I am again with the holiday season, and as I scamper to get some great Christmas stories in the line-up, I figured I’d take the time to highlight some of my favorite listening of this past year, as well as the stuff that’s a sure-win for any audio fan on your list. And […]

XM and Sirius Extol Virtues of Merger, Even While Slashing Programming

Hey, FCC. Let XM and Sirius dominate the entire satellite spectrum and I can enjoy a bunch of commercial… err… resistant programming for the low-low price of $6.99. That’s a whole handful of a la carte offerings for the price of two cups of coffee a month, right? Not a bad deal at all. Especially […]

Judgement Day Looms for Internet Radio

It’s easy to let political issues sort of simmer in the back burner while imminent daily things take over your life, and so it’s been with the Save Net Radio movement, which you’d think I’d be on the forefront of, until this morning, when I saw that WMPG had posted a bold warning that the […]