Episode 364 – The Return of Salmon of Blackpool (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2 Conclusion of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre‘s “The Salmon of Blackpool.” Johnny Gallagher is a world famous movie star from Cork, Ireland, and he also dying slowly from a debilitating, fatal disorder.  Richie has been tasked by some big movie producers to make a ‘feel good’ biopic of this man who is ‘unloved […]

Episode 280 – Mask of Inanna Faces a Smoking Monkey

Our second week featuring the boldly original occult mystery drama The Mask of Inanna. We’re into the second episode of season two, where Leonard Allen – the hapless old time radio host turned lighthouse keeper brought back from retirement to revive an old radio show – realizes that the ritual he’s been set up to […]

Episode 279 – Revealing the Mask of Innana Again

Not all legends die easy, and not all old radio shows are forgotten. Such is the lesson for Leonard Allen, who learned at the beginning of Post Meridian Radio Player‘s Mask of Inanna that not all was quite right with the people who took a tired old man out of a nursing home and put […]