Episode 217: St Patrick’s Day Audio Special Live from Ireland

OK, well the Guiness might actually be starting to run out of your system by the time you hear this, but we couldn’t help but raise a cheer for our favorite Dublin-based audio artist this week – Roger Gregg – by replaying some of his excellent work with Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. So, we got […]

New Dramatized Poetry by Roger Gregg – And Comments on BBC Radio Drama

Fresh from Ireland, a cool new video from a new show, ‘THE BEE-LOUD GLADE: A Living Anthology of Contemporary Irish Poetry,’ with music by Roger Gregg & Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. Meanwhile, I solicited some pretty candid comments from Roger about the news regarding BBC radio drama: Behind all this is the well-entrenched paradigm which […]

5 Most Memorable Interviews

Today we continue our three year anniversary special and self-reflective analysis.  Today we focus on the most memorable interviews I’ve ever done. This was a really hard one to put together, because I’ve done a ton. In fact, here’s a link to all interviews on Radio Drama Revival. Here are some of what I consider […]