Captain Radio Review: Chicago Gumshoes

Graphic – | Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: Trouble’s Up In Alphabet Town Producer: Jared Jeffries Type: Comedy Genre: Detective – Noir Spoof – Serial (Adult Innuendo) Availability: Free – Alphabet Town Podcast Title: Trouble’s Up In Alphabet Town Producer: Stephan A. Bellinger Productions Type: Comedy/Drama Genre: Detective – Humorous Availability: Free – Greetings, […]

Episode 221 – Jonathan Mitchell’s Moon Graffiti and talking “the Truth”

Our guest today is Jonathan Mitchell, a seasoned radio producer, sound designer and composer whose work has appeared on Studio 360, Radiolab, This American Life, Fair Game, The Next Big Thing, Living on Earth, Weekend America, Marketplace, and All Things Considered. Wow! What’s most exciting is that Jonathan is a lifelong fan of radio drama, […]