Episode 259 – Illuminating Swordspoint’s Daring-Do with Ellen Kushner and Sue Zizza

With the New Year upon us, we seek to capture one last audio gem from 2011: the new illuminated audiobook Swordspoint, directed and produced by Sue Zizza and narrated by the author, Ellen Kushner. This dashing audio adventure is further complemented by a full suite of actors including Dion Graham, Katherine Kellgren, Robert Fass, Nick […]

Episode 238 – We Return to Return to Inverness

This week is our second installment featuring Return to Inverness, set some years after Jack Flanders started his mystical journeymaking and spiritual globetrotting. Upon the death of Lady Jowls, Jack finds himself back at Inverness, having inherited a generation of kooky inhabitants and dazzled by the mysterious that still remain. As if the tricky tenants […]

Captain Radio Reviews: The Headhunters

Graphic – FunGraphix.com | Theme music – Shane Lamb Title: The Headhunters Producer: Galaxy Press/Galaxy Audio Type: Drama Genre: Action Adventure Rating: AD-PG13* (extended scenes of violent jungle fighting) Availability: Paid – Galaxy Audio – Stories from the Golden Age   Greetings, Audionauts – Captain Radio™ here, sponsored by RØDE™ Microphones, with a review of … [SOUND […]

Audiofile Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

Audiofile Magazine does it again – a great free audiobook and behind-the-scenes audiobook narrator features, this time focusing on the delight of Alice in Wonderland! Check out their Alice in Wonderland audio special page for: A free download of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland read by Michael York (courtesy of Blackstone Audio) Recorded conversations with narrators […]

Malleus Review: Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill, read by Stephen Lang (English Audiobook)

Joe Hill?s debut novel Heart-Shaped Box is accomplished, polished, and hauntingly familiar. Although a malevolent ghost stalks the hero, a more powerful shade looms over the author: his father, Stephen King. I approached Heart-Shaped Box with sympathetic curiosity: how do you forge your own path when you?re the son of the world?s most famous horror writer? Well, you might try and write something King wouldn?t or couldn?t, like a comic book (Hill has) or an academic work of history (hasn?t). (Hey Joe, I don?t think King ever wrote an original audio drama . . .)

Or if you?re Joe Hill, you could stare down the master of the Dark Tower and beat him at his own game. You might even do it with a story about rebellion against powerful, over-reaching fathers. Perhaps Joe Hill deserves to have his work critiqued without reference to his father?s oeuvre; perhaps he doesn?t. I?ll leave that question to others wiser than me. For better or worse, this longstanding King reader can?t ignore the connection. Guess that means I?m haunted too.

Malleus review: Larry Brent #1 – Das Grauen schleicht durch Bonnard’s Haus (German)

7 out of 10 Brimming with Gothic atmosphere, Larry Brent’s first audiobook adventure is a nostalgic reminder that as good as dramatic adaptations can be, an author?s original text has a charm all its own.

Malleus review: Deathlands #73 – Labyrinth (English)

8 out of 10 A post-apocalyptic audio book / drama packed with steel-jacketed entertainment for your inner libertarian.

Malleus review: Chronik der Unsterblichen – Blutkrieg (German language audiobook)

8?out of 10 A welcome interlude in the Middle Ages vampire serial for longtime fans and an accessible, self-contained starting point for newcomers.?

Jon Lethem’s “Men and Cartoons” – Beyond your average audiobook

It may seem odd for a site dedicated to audio drama to review an audiobook?after all, audiobooks are the enemy, right? Not really. I must confess, my biggest critique with audiobooks is due to my own dwindling attention span, and with most of my listening occuring in my 40 minutes each way commute, tackling a […]