Episode 269 – A Spring Cleansing, and Leviathan Chronicles Redux

The energy crisis is here! Well, at least in sound… With a humble thrill, I welcome you to debut of The Cleansed: Season 1. This post-apocalyptic audio epic picks up 15 years after the horrific events chronicled in the Pilot Episode. In the intervening years, David & Sam have build an off-grid stronghold called The […]

Episode 200 – Leonard Allen Wants to Have it Your Way

Holy crap! It’s episode 200! After nearly 4 years of radio drama podcasting we hit another round of triple digits. A pretty cool milestone and a great program to share to celebrate. We’re featuring another installment of The Mask of Innana, an original mystery series by the Post Meridian Players who you probably have heard […]

Episode 170 – Discover the Depths with Leviathan

This week, we feature a truly awesome podcast that is just at home tens of thousands of feet below sea level as it is in distant mountainscapes in Tibet and motorcycle chases in New York City. This incredible trip is called The Leviathan Chronicles, and as its truly epic first season draws to its conclusion, […]

Episode 169 – Another Taste of Wormwood, Past the Crossroads

Wow, over 100 episodes ago we featured Wormwood, what was then a promising new audio suspense series set in the odd backwater town of Wormwood that had some weird taste of the occult. Since that time, the creators of Wormwood have delivered with a stunning first and second season, and now a three-part third season […]

Future of Radio Drama on BBC Radio 4 in Doubt?

The big (and troubling) news in the radio drama world this week is the announcement by BBC Radio 4 that they’re going to be ending their Friday play. BBC cites budget woes as the reason for the cut, and radio drama fans in Britain and beyond are concerned not only about the loss of this […]

Top 5 Best Things I’ve Done (And Will Continue to Do)

In our final installment of our three-year anniversary special, I look back at some of the experiences and strategies (intended or accidental) that have made this show what it is. Are you looking to start your own podcast?  Want to be a bigger part of the audio drama community?  Then I hope these tips help […]

5 Episodes You Should Listen to Again

Welcome to day two of our three year anniversary special and self-reflective analysis.  Since Jan 2007, I’ve had a chance to feature a LOT of good work on the show.  75 hours and counting of audio goodness so far! It’s impossible to feature everything that’s good, particularly because there are episodes in so many different […]