1918 Radio Drama Lets Us Know: More are Coming

Matthew Boudreau, a stellar audio engineer and colleague from over at Audio Drama Talk, has kept me in the loop about the development of his new audio drama, 1918. The show promises absurd writing, a tight cast, and excellent production values. Here’s a quick trailer: 1918 Trailer 1 – More are Coming from Aural Stage […]

Episode 206 – On a Twilight Zone “Walkabout,” and Talk with Carl Amari

We conclude our three-week run of episodes from the magnificent and long-running Twilight Zone radio dramas. This week we shy away from the holiday-oriented programming and join a hack writer on the hunt for alien abductees in the story “The Walkabout.” But this researcher may soon find himself the subject of his book, not the […]

Episode 171 – Meeting Aliens Close to Home

Ever feel alone in the world? Then you’ll be right at home in today’s episode, which features the show The Aliens by WBAI dramatist Barika Edwards. Recorded in New York, with a creative team that spans the globe, The Aliens follows a group of characters who are all “aliens” – people who don’t quite fit […]