Radio Drama Revival Submission Guidelines

Hey, thank you for thinking about submitting your production to Radio Drama Revival!  We’ve got a few loose guidelines, below.

What Do We Want?

Programs that are 20-60 minutes tend to work best, though on occasion longer shows have been featured in multi-part episodes, and series have been featured in excerpts.

We accept all submissions, sight unseen, although do bear in mind that if your work is A) gratuitously violent or otherwise obscene, B) racist or bigoted, or C) not up to David’s standards for production quality, it won’t appear on Radio Drama Revival.  If A or B, go away; if C, keep working at it, and keep submitting your work as you improve your craft!  I may have mixed feelings about your first season, but I might just love your second one!

How do we want it?

We’ve got this lovely little web form, below; that’s the best way to do it – alternatively, you can send an email to submissions [at]

What do you get?

You don’t get paid for broadcast on Radio Drama Revival. However, you reach an audience of thousands of audio fans, and I’m unlikely to shut up about you.  The typical Radio Drama Revival episode is downloaded over 5,000 times.

Podcasts are usually archived in perpetuity, but if for some reason you need the link taken down after a certain amount of time, that’s fine, just let us know.

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Your personal information is sacred to us. We only use the information you submit to review the show you send to us. See privacy policy for more information.

I’m so excited to hear what you’re making.

Love and waveforms,