Steampunk Dreams over at ZBS

What utter joy this morning to open my mailbox and find a little gift from ZBS, one of their new, heavy-duty, industrial strength steampunk state of mind mugs:

Steampunk state of mind mug

Mm… delicious, organic green tea goodness.

This make seem passed the point of utter geekiness, but in my house we are serious mug fanatics and most of the hot-beverage vessels that pass through the door end up on their way to goodwill because they fail to meet the important criteria of superior lip feel, heat retention, heft and general sense of zen when sipping your morning brew.

My report is that the ZBS mug meets and exceeds all criteria and will have a honored space on my writing desk for years to come (no, I was not paid to say that, and you can buy the mug yourself here).

I also just ordered one of their spankin’ new Jack Flanders tees.  What can we say?  Things are steamy:

Steam dreamers of inverness tshirt

To whet your appetite for steaminess, here’s Landy Windemere’s Brass Fantabulous, episode 5, courtesy of YouTube. We’ll be featuring this production on the ‘pod soon: