Radio Drama Revival HALLOWEEN Horror Extravaganza!

Audio Horror Story

Terror Stalks the airwaves! On Halloween we heard three tales of horror guaranteed to haunt your dreams “Forevermore.” We kick off a killer fright-night with William Dufris‘ adaptation of “The Statement of Randolph Carter” by H.P. Lovecraft, followed by the Grist Mill production of Joe R. Lansdale’s “God of the Razor,” and conclude with a scathing double feature from FinalRune Productions with the debut of “Dark Passenger” and the replay of “The Blind Man’s Confession,” two tales written and produced by yours truly, to make you fear all things that go bump in the night… Turn out your lights, hide under the blankets, and prepare to get spooked!


Radio Drama Revival! Halloween Special 2007

  • Hey, congratulations on the interviews and everything!

    I’d love to say how much I enjoyed your Halloween Extravaganza, but I got really freaked out listening to it and had to turn it off! I suppose that’s a good recommendation for a horror show 🙂

  • Lol! Yes… being so scared that you turn it off is indeed a complement… though I hope you give the stories a chance! (I’d stay away from pumpkins while listening, though. Just in case)


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  • Lesia


  • I love your project here. My local NPR station ran a Hearing Voices halloween special last year and I found your site in my search for something to make this Halloween just as cool.

    Leaving the visuals to the designs of the listener’s mind is a wonderful aspect of these radio dramas. they are immersive in a unique way; I wonder what brain scans would reveal about the difference between watching a great show, reading a great book, and listening to the God of the Razor.

    Thanks and best to you!

  • Richard

    Who does the song at the end?

  • That’s the New Orleans band, Liquidrone. Absolutely fantastic, huh?

  • rosa

    i like the stories they are scary but i was not freaken out. plz this year make it even more scary, more horror.thanxz for this wedsite 🙂

  • Rosa, thanks so much for chiming it! These are some of the spookiest we’ve got out there, but I’ll see if we can top them… Check out any of the sites for these artist for even more spooky stuff

  • Markjamescooke

    there is a story i heard on a radio site like this, it is a 3 story night and the first one was aout a guy that talked with a professor and he and the professor go to a graveyard move a slab and it reveals stairs, the professor goes down them but the main guy stays and listens to the professor via radio, it turns out to be like hell and the professor knows he wont come back sohe orders the main guy to run, he goes to a police station and gets interviewed etc. and tries to call a friend but a devilsh voice says you idiot he’s dead.
    does anyone have any idea what it is called i have been looking for hours!!!!!

  • finalrune

    I’m pretty sure you’re in the right place. The show you’re looking for is “The Statement of Randolph Carter,” a retelling of the HP Lovecraft tale. It kicks off this show:

  • Thewowinquisition

    The top scariest Radio Drama by far is: The House in Cypress Canyons.  It was a Suspense RD.  I first heard it when I was about around 9 yrs old, and wow did it give me the hooboojeebees. Another interesting one is by the series ‘Quiet, Please’ with their story “The Thing on the Fourble Floor”.

  • Daniel Boivin

    Very good Halloween Special! I’m listening to it every October since I discovered it 5 years ago. Very nice work!! Any Halloween special this year?

  • finalrune

    Daniel – details on Halloween programming are still coming together! Working on it now… I expect I’ll put out a ‘best of’ list from our archives around the beginning of October, we’ll have new horror features all month long, and then some sort of special on the…big…day!

  • mark

    i listen to this most nights i love the slab its amazing! any more like this to recommend? i like stories where it creates a picture of either 2-4 people surviving or like demons etc with added weather of rain and thunder/lightning…. yeah seems weird but i dont know why
    i just really love them

  • finalrune

    Thanks so much for your interest, Mark! Our buddies at “AudioComics” have plenty more stories in the HorrorScope series, I recommend you check out: