PMRP Announces Halloween Show, Launches YouTube Channel

As you may remember, for New Year’s of this year I finally got to see The Post-Meridian Radio Players live on First Night, doing one of their originals Red Shift, Interplanetary Do-gooder (a fun spin-off/tribute to campy 50s sci-fi) as well as their rendition of Arch Obeler’s classic “Chicken Heart.”

To kick off the excitement for their upcoming Halloween show (more on that in a moment), they’ve launched a YouTube channel with clips from the January show:

For more clips, see their new YouTube channel. In short: they played staggeringly well before a packed house at the Orpheum Theater, and now they’re back for their annual Halloween show, which is bigger than ever. In fact, they’re calling it “The Big Broadcast of October 30th, 1938.”

The show will consist of four performances at the historic Somerville Theatre, and you can bet I’ll at one of them. Here is some more info about the show:

THE FRANK CYRANO BYFAR HOUR – A lost classic from Boston’s radio history!

Travel back to the Golden Age of Radio, to the Rooftop Gardens Auditorium of the old Putnam-Moore Department Store in downtown Boston, and join Frank, Amelia Adams, Charley Kendall, Jenny Brennan, Lex Concord and the Minutemen and the Chowderhouse Gang for some great music, lots of Halloween fun, and a very special guest star!

Sponsored by Byfar Coffee Syrup: “You’ll be a star when you serve Byfar!”


THE WAR OF THE WORLDS – The Mob vs. the Martians & the Fall of Boston!

We all know about the horrific events which began on the night of October 30th, 1938. An invasion force from the planet Mars landed their rocket-cylinders around the world, starting in New Jersey. But what happened in Boston during the so-called “War of the Worlds?”
Now we are able to bring you the true story of the Martian Invasion of Boston, using news bulletins and field reports – as given by the actual announcers, historical figures and military personnel at the time, and dramatic recreations to depict the amazing story of how a North End mobster, an MIT scientist, and the Massachusetts National Guard allied themselves to carry out one final strike against the Martians and drive them from the city!

Original music by Michael J. Veloso, performed by the popular Somerville troupe, Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

Like I said… It oughta be a good time. See you in Boston?