Episode 1: Radio Drama Revival Starts with a… Drizzle

After a little bit of work, a fair amount of frustration, and a mind-blowing "wow, that's actually pretty easy!" sensation the began coursing through my body, here it is! The Radio Drama Revival! Podcast. As much as my featured audio dramatists … [Read more]

Jon Lethem’s “Men and Cartoons” – Beyond your average audiobook

It may seem odd for a site dedicated to audio drama to review an audiobook?after all, audiobooks are the enemy, right? Not really. I must confess, my biggest critique with audiobooks is due to my own dwindling attention span, and with most of my … [Read more]

Radio Drama Revival Today!

Just a reminder that if you?re in the Portland, Maine area, you can tune in to 90.9 or 104.1 this (and every Thursday) afternoon from 1-1:30 to hear Radio Drama Revival!? If you?re outside our broadcast area, visit WMPG?s website and you can hear it … [Read more]

Unconventional Audio Christmas Story, “Drizzle”

Well, it?s an insane time of year for all of us. I didn?t realize the blindspot I put in my life focusing on production my latest audio drama until today, when I finally woke up and smelled the egg nog, so to speak. Too much coffee, too much … [Read more]

The value of pre production

You think I would?ve figured this out on one of my previous projects, but the fact stands: Good preproduction sense really helps you out when you?re trying to pull the project together at the last minute. Lack of preproduction forces you to either … [Read more]

Modern horror realized in Lansdale’s “God of the Razor”

Well, I'm going to jump right into my audio theater reviews with a piece of modern horror that recently reached my ears: 'God of the Razor,' a grisly horror short story by Joe Lansdale realized by AM/FM Theater in Lowell, MA. I had recently … [Read more]

Welcome to Radio Drama Revival!

Hello, and welcome to Radio Drama Revival, the site that?s your source for the latest reviews, news, and sources for the latest audio stories. Just so we get it out in the open, I?m Frederick Greenhalgh, the writer/director/producer over at … [Read more]