One Satellite Station — Are you Sirius?

Well, it's come down to this -- Coke has finally bought out Pepsi.? That is, two major players with virtually the same product have decided that consolidation is really best for everyone! (Sirius and XM to Merge).? While I feel somewhat bad about the … [Read more]

Episode 5: Abe Lincoln’s Last Day (Finale)

This week on Radio Drama Revival!: The somber and startling conclusion to Quicksilver Radio Theater's "Good Friday, 1865: Lincoln's Last Day." Be sure to tune in next week for an interview with writer/producer/actor Craig Wichman! (Radio Drama … [Read more]

Audio Drama Review: Buried in Falling Sand

As you may realize, I'm a big fan of audio theater that tells contemporary stories, the kind you might find in the latest short story review or premium cable channel (but are especially well suited to the audio form). These productions are a little … [Read more]

Original Radio Drama in the 21st Century

Just wanted to let you all know that I've written a new article on my production company's website: Original Radio Drama in the 21st Century.? In the article, I discuss the history of economic models of the radio drama and analyze the current scene … [Read more]

Episode 4: Abe Lincoln’s Last Day

Tune in for the first episode of Good Friday, 1865: Lincoln's Last Day, by the outstanding Quicksilver Radio Theater hailing from New York City. This historical drama recounts eerie dreams, memories, and events that precede the assassination of one … [Read more]

Good Friday, 1865: Lincoln’s Last Day

Just want to prep you all for a very special presentation that's going to air this week - a historical drama called "Good Friday, 1865: Lincoln's Last Day" by Quicksilver Radio Theater out of New York City. As a terrible war winds down, haunting … [Read more]

Episode 3: Scott Hickey talks shop

This past week, we chatted with Scott Hickey from AM FM Theater. Hear about hitting the bar with Peter Straub at World Horror Con, growing up with radio drama, and the making of "God of the Razor." A great interview not to be … [Read more]

Starting a revolution

I apologize for my absenteeism the last week or so but I've been drowning in great radio drama. Facing my new radio show, I realized that I needed a huge amount of content to get and keep this thing going, and absolutely no idea where it would come … [Read more]

Episode 1: Radio Drama Revival Starts with a… Drizzle

After a little bit of work, a fair amount of frustration, and a mind-blowing "wow, that's actually pretty easy!" sensation the began coursing through my body, here it is! The Radio Drama Revival! Podcast. As much as my featured audio dramatists … [Read more]

Jon Lethem’s “Men and Cartoons” – Beyond your average audiobook

It may seem odd for a site dedicated to audio drama to review an audiobook?after all, audiobooks are the enemy, right? Not really. I must confess, my biggest critique with audiobooks is due to my own dwindling attention span, and with most of my … [Read more]

Radio Drama Revival Today!

Just a reminder that if you?re in the Portland, Maine area, you can tune in to 90.9 or 104.1 this (and every Thursday) afternoon from 1-1:30 to hear Radio Drama Revival!? If you?re outside our broadcast area, visit WMPG?s website and you can hear it … [Read more]