Don’t Quit your Day Job, Podcasters

Stumbled across an interesting BusinessWeek analyzing the monetization of podcasting and why it may be trickier for indie podcasters to make a buck where others, such as a-list bloggers, have succeeded. To be honest, it's a pretty amazing that … [Read more]

Episode 11: Super Pal!

What happens when a meteor threatens big city and the only one who can stop it is working on his web site? What terrible event in his past makes him sacrifice all else to save kittens? Well, we find out this week in Great Northern Audio Theater's … [Read more]

Begathon and Other Pics at FinalRune Gallery

While I'm perfectly happy reading and hearing words, it seems that a lot of people miss seeing pictures now and again.? To try and curb this trend, I've started snapping more pictures at my production sessions and have compiled what I have so far in … [Read more]

Review: “Quest for the Passion Stone”

I've been up to a lot of great listening lately and now that my production schedule has slowed down a little, I'm going to try and catch up with my thoughts on some of the most interesting things to hit my mp3 player. Circus 13 Productions … [Read more]

Review of Drizzle on PRX

I've been focusing so much on producing new work and reviewing/listening/discussing other people's that I've hardly thought about what people feel about mine. It's kind of a vacuum, where I know people are listening to these podcasts and my stories … [Read more]

Episode 10: Begathon Live Drama Extravaganza!

It's Begathon week at WMPG, and we're on the mic pitching for your dough as exiled space DJs show up at the station. Things get weirder and funnier than ever in this first live drama by FinalRune Productions/Radio Drama … [Read more]

This Week: Live Drama Tears Apart Commercial Media, FCC

Well, this week is Begathon at WMPG, the familiar fundraising week where we go on the air to plead for money from our listeners. To try and make things more interesting, I've written my first drama intended for live broadcast, assembled a great … [Read more]

Interview with me at Lit Between the Ears Blog

I've grown a big fan of the Lit Between the Ears blog written by William Spear of Two Plus Plus Productions. He continually has a high level of discussion about audio work, both the ars poetica and the cultural/economic/political climate that … [Read more]

Copyright Board Ruling to Sink Internet Radio?

Quoth the New York Times: Under the ruling released on March 2, Web broadcasters must pay each time a listener hears a song, at a rate that began at 0.08 cent in 2006 (the ruling applies retroactively) and rises to 0.19 cent in 2010. Besides … [Read more]

New Look and Feel

RDR gets a facelift and usability bounce this morning, thanks to a snazzy theme by Rob Goodlatte (hope that's not a joke about fine coffees...). I felt the old theme was a little dark and the last vibe I want to get around here is one of despair. … [Read more]

Episode 9: Jack Hosley and High Moon

Well, looks like I'm on a roll this evening. I had the great pleasure of chatting with Jack Hosley, AKA "The Wander Wolf" from WanderRadio this afternoon and learning all about how he got into the niche podcasting market and the emerging media … [Read more]