It’s All about the Community

Taking off the radio drama hat for a second, this morning I was writing an article for my company's Internet Marketing Blog on Building Community for your Blog (yeah, it's the job that actually pays). A couple of interesting things crossed my mind … [Read more]

Episode 15: Jeffrey Adams from Icebox Radio Theater

This week's guest is Jeffrey Adams, leading creative force behind the Icebox Radio Theater of International Falls, Minnesota. Jeff's radio history is long and notable, and his passion clear: rather than bury his theater career when moving to the … [Read more]

Art of Narration and More at NATF 2007

In case you haven't gotten wind of it already, the National Audio Theater Festival is coming up, June 23-30 in balmy West Plains, MO.? I, for one, will be there, and look forward to a variety of interesting workshops and especially the opportunity to … [Read more]

Episode 14: Icebox Radio Theater with “Lifeboat”

This week on the show, a story set in deep space, with two travelers who find themselves dreadfully equipped for surviving... but worse than confronting their unfortunate fate, is having to deal with one another. A chip off the ol survival story … [Read more]

Vote for me on Public Radio Quest!

Hey, you know that contest I told you about a couple weeks, whereby various public radio stations are looking for their next top host? Well, the contest is a'rollin and I have an entry up, the prospective show -- you guessed it.? All about radio … [Read more]

Changes afoot over at FinalRune

If my updates lately have been more intermittent, I can only account for my work re-developing the FinalRune Productions audio stories site to be completely managed using Wordpress as a CMS system. While the existing website was pretty solidly … [Read more]

Episode 13: Dialogue with Martian Trombone

I couldn't resist the opportunity to air another excellent Great Northern Audio Theater production this week, "Dialogue with Martian Trombone." Why does the band usurped for the War of the Worlds broadcast still get together for their … [Read more]

Episode 12: Talking Sound with Brian Price

Great Northern Audio Theater's Brian Price is a producer and writer with a long list of audiography over more than ten years, from the Midwest Theatre Workshop and the Iowa Radio Project to the amazing comedies GNAT does for the Mark-Time Sci-fi … [Read more]

EMI Music launches DRM-free downloads.

In a remarkable about face for a major record company, EMI Music will be offering their entire catalog on iTunes at superior bit rates and DRM-free. If you've been paying any attention at all to the progress of music in the digital frontier, you can … [Read more]

Don’t Quit your Day Job, Podcasters

Stumbled across an interesting BusinessWeek analyzing the monetization of podcasting and why it may be trickier for indie podcasters to make a buck where others, such as a-list bloggers, have succeeded. To be honest, it's a pretty amazing that … [Read more]

Episode 11: Super Pal!

What happens when a meteor threatens big city and the only one who can stop it is working on his web site? What terrible event in his past makes him sacrifice all else to save kittens? Well, we find out this week in Great Northern Audio Theater's … [Read more]