Interview with me at Lit Between the Ears Blog

I've grown a big fan of the Lit Between the Ears blog written by William Spear of Two Plus Plus Productions. He continually has a high level of discussion about audio work, both the ars poetica and the cultural/economic/political climate that … [Read more]

Copyright Board Ruling to Sink Internet Radio?

Quoth the New York Times: Under the ruling released on March 2, Web broadcasters must pay each time a listener hears a song, at a rate that began at 0.08 cent in 2006 (the ruling applies retroactively) and rises to 0.19 cent in 2010. Besides … [Read more]

New Look and Feel

RDR gets a facelift and usability bounce this morning, thanks to a snazzy theme by Rob Goodlatte (hope that's not a joke about fine coffees...). I felt the old theme was a little dark and the last vibe I want to get around here is one of despair. … [Read more]

Episode 9: Jack Hosley and High Moon

Well, looks like I'm on a roll this evening. I had the great pleasure of chatting with Jack Hosley, AKA "The Wander Wolf" from WanderRadio this afternoon and learning all about how he got into the niche podcasting market and the emerging media … [Read more]

“humble Farmer” Story an Insight to MPBN Politics?

I was surprised to come across a story on Maine Web Report talking about a controversy between MPBN (Maine Public Broadcasting Network) and a long-running DJ called The humble Farmer. The humble Farmer is a quirky show with 30s and 40s jazz and big … [Read more]

Episode 8: “Reality Check” from Wander Radio

This week, a haunting tale of a reality TV show where something's just not right. By sci-fi/fantasy writer Tee Morris, produced by … [Read more]

Public Radio Talent Quest — Get your own public radio show?

Hey, it's a super long shot, but check it out -- several public radio stations have gotten together to search for a host for a prospective public radio show.? It sounds a little too "American Idol" for me, but why not give it a shot?? Who knows, … [Read more]

Review: What I Learned from Television: This American Life Live in Boston

It's very rare that you have anything resembling stardom in radio, and Ira Glass from This American Life is one of that select number. His nationally syndicated, genre-busting series of edgy stories from the ranks of ordinary Americans has … [Read more]

Episode 7: Tales from Williamsville

For those of you who've forgotten that I'm the leading force behind FinalRune Productions, this show features the latest work -- my first work adapted from a story by someone else, with a great cast put together by the writer, John Coons. I hope you … [Read more]

Episode 6 Found!

Mucho thanks to Craig Wichman, whose backup recording saves the great discussion aforementioned. Enjoy! [audio:] Radio Drama Revival! Episode 6 … [Read more]

Episode 6: Craig Wichman and Jay Stern from Quicksilver

Writer/producer Craig Wichman and writer/director Jay Stern come from backgrounds in television, film, and stage (Craig stars in an indie movie directed by Jay, The Changeling). In fact, they feel that independent audio theater has a lot to do with … [Read more]