New York Stories Tonight on “Art Waves”

Well I’ve got to give another shout-out to my new friend Anne Cammon of NYC’s WKCR and the show “Art Waves” …. and not just because she plays my stuff (though admittedly, that does help!).

I’ve got to listen to some of her work and have to say that while it’s not always “hard” audio theater, it’s definitely storytelling in sound, and that’s what I’m all about. A style like This American Life with a gritty, literary tone.

We’re not talking about frou-frou writers in berets smoking cloves here, either, we’re talking about serious professionals and denizens of the underground.

Love it.

So tonight, here’s what I hear we’re in store for:

Celebrate the grit, glamour, fun and excitement of New York City with work
from Pulitzer Prize Winner Philip Schultz and poets Erik La Prade, Madeline
Artenberg and Iris N. Schwartz. Also, Jim Vescovi shares a tale of the old
world and the new as immigrant grandparents whose earliest form of
long-distance communication was yodeling from mountain to mountain try to
adapt to the telephone. And hear Catherine Conant tell the story of Maude,
who greeted Catherine in her first New York apartment, towel in hand,
explaining that she needs to use the shower.

It airs tonight on Art Waves, Friday, November 7th from 9:00-10:00 PM EST (89.9 FM in NYC, streamed at

Sadly they don’t seem to have this being reliably archived or podcast, so do your mind a favor and try to tune into it live this evening.