New Audio Tribute to Nikola Tesla

Another exciting release in the world of audio drama land. Our friend Patience Wieland aka @Noirdame has helped to announce a new work that, well, we’ll let her talk about in her own words: is pleased to present the world premiere of Tesla vs. The United States, released online on Thursday, January 7, 2010 — the anniversary of the passing of brilliant and eccentric inventor, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla is the central figure in this radio drama – and a central figure in the development of radio – famed for his innovations and inventions, including a legendary, rumored “death ray”. The drama takes place in 1943, shortly after Tesla’s death, and provides a fascinating, historical mix of business intrigue, time travel and suspense. Who really invented radio? What ghostly figure influenced Tesla in his last days? And why did the FBI take away so many of Tesla’s papers?

“Tesla vs. The United States” was written by playwright Charles Moster, whose plays have been carried over National Public Radio (NPR) and public radio affiliates nationwide, and features the talented cast and crew of Deus Ex Machina, an Austin, Texas-based drama troupe.

You can listen to the whole piece on Noir Dame’s blog, or, provided this code works… Just below:

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All audio content copyright 2010 by Charles Moster and Deus Ex Machina. Video produced by Visual of Supreme Court courtesy of

It's an exciting, interesting story that tells about radio using the medium itself! Thanks, Deus Ex, and give us more!