Mayan Apocalypse Special, Part 2 – A Fresh Look at The Cleansed

The Cleansed - Post Apocalyptic Audio PodcastAs the second part of our mondo 2012 Mayan Apocalypse special, we have for you in its unedited, not-totally-radio-friendly glory the original broadcast mix of The Cleansed: Episode Zero which blazed through the airwaves of WKIT 100.3 FM in Bangor, Maine on Halloween night, 2010.

Never before heard as a podcast, this mix has the legitimate feel of the apocalypse happening at a classic rock and roll radio station, as our intrepid DJ Comeau rolls up a big fatty, puts on a saucy tune, and cranks up the monitors in the celebration of the arrival of Kingdom Come. Meet John Prophet, Sam Miller, David Brenner, and Luke in the moment that occurs 15 years before the beginning of The Cleansed: Season 1.

The end of the world is ho, ho, here.