Mark Time Broadcast Center at CONvergence 2013 #CVG2013

CONvergence2013 sci fi conventionJoin Radio Drama Revival, Aural Stage Studios, FinalRune Productions, Icebox Radio Theater, Our Fair City, The Grist Mill, and other audio pros this year at the first-ever Mark Time Broadcast Center at the CONvergence CON in Minneapolis, MN July 4-7, 2013.

The Mark Time Broadcast Center is an audio-driven party room where we will be hosting (among other things) Mark Time’s Five Minutes of Fame. Pick an audio Script, Get in the Booth and record a 5-minute audio-drama with your friends! Bang on pots and break celery at the SFX table! Chat with Current and former Mark Time and Ogle Winners and enjoy frosty brew on the 4th floor of the convention center*.

The experience is designed so that people who have never tried out voice acting or podcasting before can get a hands-on, fun learning experience with seasoned audio pros. Learn how microphones work, what goes into a good audio script, how to act for audio and how we mix together recorded audio to make a podcast. Or don’t learn anything and just shout ‘These aren’t the droids you’re looking for!’ completely out of context.

Sample scripts will include sci-fi tropes, mystery, noir, action/adventure, westerns, fantasy, comedy, and other well-known genres (and total outballs) so that the completely uninitiated can find a terrifically awesome script to read along with their friends.  Go home with a finished piece of audio you can share on social networks and a free publicity photo in a sharp fedora.

The Broadcast Center will open throughout the weekend of the CON and the “Five Minutes of Fame” will be offered at various time slots throughout the weekend, dependent on other audio panels and events held during the CON (Full schedule TBD – look for details here later!). But someone will be at the room throughout the weekend hanging out and letting you check out audio schwag, listen to samples of award-winning audio drama podcasts and generally bask in the audio geekery.

Audio Panels at #CVG2013


  • 3:30 ‘The Audio Adventures of Dr Who”
  • 6pm (??) The Mark Time Radio Show
  • 9pm Mark Time winner circle meet/greet at Mark Time Broadcast Center


  • 11am – Plays by Ear, writing for audio
  • 2pm – War of the Worlds 75th
  • 5pm – Faking it: Psychoacoustics, Sound Design


  • 9:30am – Acting without Pants
  • 12:30pm – So you Want to make an Audio Drama
  • 2pm – War of the Worlds Contest winers
  • 3pm – Our Fair City LIVE!
  • 5pm – Until it Hertz, styles of recording


  • 9:30am – BBC Radio Programs

* Bring your own frosty brew.