Live Radio Drama in Boston this Weekend – Check out “Tomes of Terror”!

Tomes of Terror 2012 Radio DramaFrom our friends at the Post Meridian Radio Players:

It’s time again for that old-time Golden Age of Radio recreation that Somerville, Massachusetts has known and loved for over six years! From the Post-Meridian Radio Players, who brought you “The War of the Worlds: The Mob vs. The Martians”, “The Sirens of War” and “The Byfar Hour”, now bring you “Tomes of Terror: New Arrivals!” Three short, scary stories will be performed, so terrifying that not even Vincent Price nor Bela Legosi will be there to see them!

– “The Shivers on Highway 61”, part of the Parsec Award winning Mask of Inanna series, tells the tale of a 1950’s biker gang that has to deal with one of their own returned from the grave!
– “The Crasher” features a troubled writer who discovers that investigating the party at a nearby graveyard is, perhaps, not the wisest idea.
– In “The Red Line”, MBTA driver Charlie Evans gets a very unusual offer that might save the T from financial disaster, if Charlie can afford the fare.

The last few shows are this Thursday (Oct. 25th), Friday (Oct. 26th) and Saturday (Oct. 27th) at 8:00PM with a Saturday matinee at 2:00PM at the Unity Somerville Church. For details, check out: