Episode 344 – Kaboom! Supernatural noir with Harry Strange, and Stan Freberg’s tale of breaking into Hollywood

Harry Strange

Harry Strange is a noir detective of a different stripe – solving supernatural crimes. Weird frequencies come to a head with “Kaboom!”, an episode from that podcast’s second season.

Stan Freberg

Then, we tune into a fun interview segment from “Stu’s Show,” originally broadcast as a live interview with audio legend Stan Freberg, who describes how he moved from performing radio segments for his pets, to landing a major voice acting job.

Sibby Wieland of Sound Stages Radio, and Noir Dame Productions, is guest host for this episode – and gets pluggerific early on. South by Southwest (SXSW) is coming up, and Sound Stages and Radio Drama Revival are teaming up, asking listeners – their friends and family – and their pets, if their pets have figured out how to use the Internet – to vote for submitted SXSW panels on audio drama. Audience votes make it more likely that audio drama will be one of the discussed topics at this year’s SXSW.