Great Northern’s “Jokes in Space”

Back in July you might recall I went to CONvergence 2009 to pick up the Gold Ogle Award for my production, “Waiting for a Window.” I also had a huge amount of fun getting pulled into the live Mark Time Radio Show performance put on by Great Northern Audio Theater. This year, the show was “Jokes In Space.”

For the time being, Great Northern is being so kind as to allow an MP3 of the show to go out to the ether. So lest you continue to wonder why did the 2nd orc fall off the Tower of Isengard or be stuck, dissastisfied, with a dead tribble, let’s here some “Jokes In Space”!

Download the MP3 at Great Northern Audio Theater’s Website. Also check out my interview with them live from CONvergence 2009 (#CVG2009).