Five Free Scary Stories for Halloween

Oh yeah, nothing makes me happier than sharing creepy tales for you my great fans of audio drama.  I was recently invited to post over on SFFAudio, and figured I should share these ghoulish delights with my loyal listeners as well!

I ALWAYS have trouble finding enough time to feature all of the delightfully terrible audio tales that are out there for Halloween in the regular ‘pod, here are a few which deserve your ears:

Zombie Podcast

1 – We’re Alive: A Story of Survival

Zombies!!! Take Resident Evil and mix it with the marines from Aliens and you wind up with something like the outcome of this zombie podcast.

A group of foul-mouthed marines ends up locked up in an apartment building with a scattered batch of survivors after a zombie holocaust breaks loose with little notice (or explanation).

This one is well-produced, action-packed, and is as much about an odd group of people trying to survive together as it is about the roving droves of hungry undead. Not to be missed.

Wormwood Audio Podcast

2 – Wormwood

Wormwood made it into my previous Five Free Favourites and it makes it again. Though not strictly “horror,” this brilliantly twisted thriller serial has ample spooks to make it a priority on any horror fan’s iPod.

If you haven’t been following, you have two full seasons to catch up on, tons of bonus content, and a third season coming up which is sure to send you to an early grave.

God of the Razor Horror story

3 – The Grist Mill

Okay, the Grist Mill isn’t free but two episodes of their work are available for free download on Radio Drama Revival, so that sort of counts.

The one you should under no circumstances miss is God of the Razor. AM/FM Theater rightfully won the Ogle Award for this fine adaptation of Joe Lansdale’s classic horror short. There’s a reason you should stay out of basements in the South…

Also, Jeff Adams’ The Estates is an extremely awesome innovation to the spooky story meme – Stepford Wives meets The Shining. Thank you, Jeff.

The Buoy Audio Drama

4 – The Buoy (Part 1 and Part 2)

The Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater has been at it for a while, and “The Buoy” is perhaps the crowning gem of their productions.

This is a good classic New England ghost story, which packs an even stronger punch because of its eerie parallels to the classic Poe tale, “The Pit and the Pendulum.” A man “from away” winds up tied to a buoy as the tide comes in, and recounts his terrifying tale.

As the water gets higher, and no escape is in site, the real terror sets in…

dunesteef audio fiction magazine

5 – Halloween in July

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine aired this back in March, but it is much better fitting for Halloween. Breaking the trend from the rest on the list, this is not strictly audio drama, but hosts Rish Outfield and Big Anklevich did a splendid job bringing the text to live. Writer Kevin Anderson also has a script in the mix for my upcoming Halloween Live Radio Drama.

BONUS! ZBS Comes out With Sticks… For Fricken’ Free!

Remember Chris Dueker‘s review of Karl Edward Wagner’s Sticks? It’s a gore-ious take on a short story delivered to you with the eerie splendor of binaural sound. That means it is perfect for your iPod or other mp3 player of choice.
Sticks - Happy Halloween

Karl Edward Wagner’s Sticks by ZBS

  • I have a scary, yet true story of my own…..
    One night,a few years ago, my parents were at my 15 year old brother’s football practice. Scence I was 14, I could stay home alone. While they were gone, I was watching the Children of the Corn. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a movie about the devil. Anyways, I heard growls coming from upstairs. I went upstairs to investigate. I saw nothing, so asuming it was nothing, I went back to watching my movie. I heard it again. I did the exact same thing that I did the last time. It kept happening. After the 5th time, I stopped going upstairs. The growling stopped. I thought that was the end of it. But no. Near the end of the movie, I heard foot steps on my hardwood floor. Then, my dogs started barking. So I walked into my dining room (where my hardwood floor is). I turned my head and there standing right next to my table was this bloody man just like in the movie. He looked burned. He kept saying something like “I’m from hell” or something like that. I couldn’t hear over the barking dogs. Just then, my parents walked in the door and the “man from hell” (as I call him) dissapeared. I told my parents what happend. Surprisingly they believed me. We sold the house as fast as we could and bought a house as far away as we could. We went from Colorado to New Jersey. We threw away the Children of the Corn. We learned that wathing movies that invlove the devil haunt your house with the devil. My mom now bands all devil-related movies from our house. I am now 16 and I will NEVER think of wathing a devil related movie again. I am still paralized from that scene and probably will be forever.

  • David Rodriguez

    Sorry Pal. I don’t believe that one. I watch horror movies when ever I can and nothing like that ever haooens. I wish it would it would be exciting, You either dreamed it or made it up. And come on. “The Children of the Corn” Isn’t even that scary.

  • Hey, what’s wrong with a good scary story yarn for Halloween? 🙂

    I had many spooky experiences myself growing up in an old farmhouse. The house was old, creaky, the wind whistled through the single-pane windows and it was perpetually foggy, plus the power would go out often in the winter and we would huddle around a wood stove to keep warm, all the while the wind whistling as we were battered by a blizzard…

    So, one might imagine that the groaning of the house was a ghost creaking up the stairs, or that a werewolf might spring through the kitchen window! People always accused me of having an overactive imagination, and perhaps I do, but I think that’s served me rather well.

    FWIW first scary movie for me was “Alien” at age 6 or so. My older brother loved to torture me.

    – Fred

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  • Timothy Clark

    Sticks is so creepy.

  • finalrune

    Timothy – we agree! Thanks for the comments.

    – Fred

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