Episode 54: Salmon of Blackpool Sees Blood in the Water

In the third episode to Crazy Dog Audio Theater’s gripping “The Salmon of Blackpool,” Johnny Gallagher continues to deteriorate as Richie gets fire rained down from him by Sheldon. All the while, Richie struggles to understand who Johnny is deep inside, and the people and place that made him the inferno of a man he is.


Radio Drama Revival! Episode 54

Crazy Dog Audio Theatre‘s The Salmon of Blackpool Credits:

Written, Directed and Produced by Roger Gregg.


David Murray: Johnny Gallagher.
Sarah Greene: Sinead Murphy.
Michael Sheehan: Richie Ryan
Morgan Jones: Doctor Whitman
Georgina Miller: Nurse Marcella.
Liam Heffernan: Donal MacSweeney
Roger Gregg: Sheldon Berkus.
Other parts played by the above members of the cast.

Mark McGrath: Sound Engineer, location recording.
David Grimes: production assistant.

Music composed and performed by Roger Gregg.

Vocals by Sarah Greene.

Recorded and post-produced the Summer of 2007

  • Thanks so much for posting this series…

    I hadn’t the chance to hear it when RTE streamed it, so I’m glad I got a second chance.

    I don’t care who you are – if you enjoy listening to audio drama – Crazy Dog consistently puts out stuff that is – in my opinion – as good as it gets.


    (did I say Thanks?)


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