Episode 473 – Inhale

We’re premiering INHALE, the latest miniseries by Rick Coste, the unstoppable, unbelievably prolific audio drama producer from New England.

Tracy Tanner is an unassuming librarian in the small town of Hemlock, Massachusetts—but Tracy isn’t her real name, and she isn’t just a librarian. Tracy is a superhero—and she’s not supering anymore.

Join me as we dive into Tracy’s secrets in this exciting new miniseries!

I asked Rick a few questions about his approach:

What inspired you to go in a superhero direction this time around?

I’m an avid comic reader (have been since I was 5 when a friend introduced me to Spider-Man). I’ve always had it in the back of my mind to write a superhero story and the only thing that’s held me back was trying my hand at something original when it comes to powers, motivations, etc. ‘Inhale’ was originally conceived as a comic book and I’d started writing the script a while back. I felt I’d hit on something original. A young woman who is basically indestructible as long as she holds her breath. When I began to produce audio dramas I re-envisioned that script in audio form. The way I’d written the comic worked perfectly with the narrative style I produce my shows in.

I’ve noticed that a lot of your series have a direct-address element to them; usually a young woman addressing the audience, like in an audio diary or some kind of direct-address confessional. What motivates their form?

The direct-address narrative style has always been one which has intrigued me. I tend to write in the first person with short stories and a couple of novel I’ve written.Not exclusively but that is typically the voice I find the strongest when it comes to dipping into a characters thoughts and feelings. I read a lot and that style (think Nick Hornby) grabs me. It allows access into the character’s thoughts as they recount an experience. The stories I write are a bit like glimpses into the character’s thoughts and memories. There are sounds, noises, voices, all of the things that make up a memory. The listener supplies the visuals. It started with Madyson in ‘The Behemoth’ and with a couple of exceptions (The Fiona Potts Interview, Waterguns & Rainbows), has been how I approach the medium.

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