Episode 457 – Lindsay Graham and TERMS

My Wondery Network pal Lindsay Graham joins me to talk about his political thriller series, TERMS, in which a terrifying demagogue captures the U.S. Presidency. The outgoing president does everything in his power to stop him, by pulling out some astonishingly dirty tricks. There’s something in it for folks of every political persuasion. It’s a fabulous show, and not to be missed!
We play the first two episodes of TERMS, and then Lindsay and I sit down to talk about the show’s origins, his theory of politics, and Nazi-punching.
Meanwhile, our producer Eli is starting up a crowdfunding campaign for season 2 of his magnificent series, ALBA SALIX, ROYAL PHYSICIAN.  Throw him and the Alba crew your hot dollars!
This episode of Radio Drama Revival is brought to you by Bose!
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