Episode 443 – Alison Crane and Todd Faulkner of UNCANNY COUNTY

Uncanny County
This week, we’re taking a little detour into UNCANNY COUNTY, the brainchild of playwrights Alison Crane and Todd Faulkner, both proud children of Oklahoma. I play an episode of theirs, “Coulrophobia” (which is about spooky, spooky clowns!), and then the three of us have a little chat. Alison tells me a secret! Todd reveals the travails of creating custom foley for an army of [SPOILERS]! We talk at length about the unique qualities of Oklahoma that inform UNCANNY COUNTY; then Alison reads our horoscopes.  A wacky, marvelous time is had by all.

You can learn more about Alison’s writing here, more about Todd’s previous webseries here, and you can catch Todd as Agent Loeb on FX’s The Americans — check out some of his TV appearances here.