Episode 437 – The Bright Sessions and Lauren Shippen

bright sessionsWriter, director, actor, and producer Lauren Shippen joins me for a conversation about anxiety, archery, P.G. Wodehouse, the Alexander Technique, and so much more, as we dive into her captivating podcast, The Bright Sessions. Dr. Joan Bright is a therapist who specializes in “therapy for the strange and unusual”. Each one of her patients experiences symptoms that aren’t in the DSM-V. This show is by turns fascinating, delightful, and heartbreaking, and I can’t wait to show it to you.

  • Wow, I was blown away by this episode. My favorite line in the Bright Sessions: “You don’t enjoy it?”
    What a delight to hear an artist who is so thoughtful and creative about her craft and characters. I love it when speculative fiction has this kind if depth.

  • David Rheinstrom

    Thanks, Peter!

    Yeah, I really love the depth and thoughtfulness that Lauren brings to her work. I thoroughly recommend her series; it really just sucks you in!