Episode 430 – Rich Wentworth and Hadron Gospel Hour!

This week:HGH logo

It’s a non-stop carnival of freaky tiki madness as I chat with Rich Wentworth, the co-creator of Hadron Gospel Hour.

Rich and I talk about glam rock, how he and co-creator Michael McQuilkin got started in audio drama, and whether or not everything is going to be okay (spoiler alert: it is going to be okay).

Our feature this week is Season 1, Episode 8 of Hadron Gospel Hour: “HeadHatz and Horror Hosts”.

Mike brings a stylish new hat into the Hadron Bunker, but Oppenheimer is far too busy with his continuing education class to notice the sinister nature of his pal’s new chapeau.  Will Oppenheimer, A.S.H. LE and Cyrus be able to stop this menace in time?  Or will the crew find themselves bowlered over?  (S’aright?  S’okay.)

Enjoy, folks!