Episode 414 – Talking “Lockdown” with KC Wayland

We're Alive - Lockdown Audio DramaThis week we’re talking LOCKDOWN, the expansion story to We’re Alive set in the early days of the zombie apocalypse in the incredible claustrophobic, socially-volatile environment of a high security prison in Los Angeles.

KC Wayland’s Wayland Productions is now raising funding for the project on Kickstarter (Over $43k of $50k raised so far!) and he comes on the show to tell us all about what the new adventure will be like, how they’re going about recording it, and how the nature of audio storytelling has evolved over the last five years.

Plus a snack-sized audio from the latter saga of We’re Alive (Season 4) where a group of characters visits the Two Towers Correctional Facility which is the setting of Lockdown (though it kinda sounds like something from Lord of the Rings).