Episode 411 – A Night with Confusion in the Dark

Theatre in the Dark ProductionsThis week we feature John Keck’s “Theatre in the Dark” Productions, a fresh new entry to the audio drama scene with crisp production values, high-concept stories and sultry sounds and music.

Of this week’s tale, “The Night I Met Confusion” he writes:

[It’s] about a man that goes to a blues bar on a Friday night. As Derrick sits there enjoying his beer as he has so many times before, he notices a woman of sorts moving through the room in a way he has never seen. It’s almost as if she floats through the room. Speaking to many, it’s as if none really see her. Coming to whisper in his ear, Confusion is surprised that Derrick can see her. This has never happened in her time of service with the Master. Derrick finds out her name is Confusion and what follows is there conversation. She tells him what she is and how she and her best friend “Lust” will often cause chaos in the lives of those that come to the 411 on a Friday night. This Audio Drama is meant to be thought provoking and as well as entertaining. The Drama alludes to a possible spiritual battle existing in the world today.


  • Boru

    Hello Fred,

    Am I missing something, from episode 409 on there doesn’t seem to be an mp3 download option?

    All the best,


  • finalrune

    Thanks Boru I think you helped me diagnose a problem in the way I was posting up the episodes. The download option through Soundcloud was inadvertently turned off. That has been fixed. They appears to work for me, the problem was that I was testing using a logged-in user, not an anonymous listener. So hopefully your audio is coming back to you now!!!

  • Boru

    Thanks Fred, still no download link for 409 though, cold turkey aint easy, really missing RDR.
    Keep up the great work, and thanks again.

  • finalrune

    Ah, well, there is a separate issue, it may not look like it, but in the SoundCloud ‘widget’ you can still download there is a little downward-arrow at the top-right of the player. However, I have also added a manual URL download link. And you can always download through our RSS feed or iTunes

  • Boru

    Thanks again Fred, I’m a bit of a dinosaur and technophobe, you’ve been a great help, now I can plpay catch up with RDR,

  • Todd Lewis

    This was totally brilliant. I loved it. It reminded me of Screwtape Letters.