Episode 406 – Finding Bodies in the Basement

Hangman Radio Cast And CrewIn the dry days of the temperance movement, some of the more savvy entrepreneurs found great opportunity in selling illegal booze. With sleazy underground operations, come sleazy underground politicians – most of whom are not welcome. Classic noir style tells this tale through the eyes of a hapless bouncer.

We hear the saucy tale of the roaring 20s in Hangman Radio‘s “Bodies in the Basement” preceded by some great announcements:

All this and more in this week’s Radio Drama Revival!

  • finalrune

    Sorry you feel that way Anon! This is a free service and part of the way we keep people willing to let us air their work is by offering promos and otherwise talking up their material. We do our best to keep the talking portions short and sweet but we will always have them. Thanks for listening!!

    – Fred

  • Dunori Pavalan

    Keep calm and fast forward.

  • finalrune

    You know on the latest iTunes podcast app they make it reeeeeally easy, too