Episode 391 – A Return to “Hungry Hollow”

Vampire at the Vernal Pool

Audio dramatist Fred Greenhalgh with Biddeford High School students in the recording of “Vampire at the Vernal Pool” recorded as a pilot project with the Saco Bay Center for Civic Engagement

This week, we feature an appetizer of location horror followed by a full-on meal, the former by our own FinalRune Productions and the latter by John Ballentine’s Campfire Radio Theater.

Earlier this year, host Fred Greenhalgh was invited to participate in the founding a new kind of way to get kids to interact with the outdoors, dubbed “Trailside Theater.” Melissa Field of Saco Bay Center for Civic Engagement approached Fred with the idea of creating audio theater in the wild as a way to build connections between youth and the natural world, through the medium of audio storytelling. The result – the pilot project “Vampire at the Vernal Pool,” which you’ll hear today… directly inspired by the tale that follows it, Hungry Hollow!

Vampire? Vernal pool? Wha? Get a feel for the ecology of Maine through the lens of an ill-fated biology teacher and his students.

Followed by Campfire Radio Theater’s chilling tale of hikers gone lost in the woods (detect a theme?) entitled “Hungry Hollow.”

Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to donate to our Kickstarter campaign.