Episode 389 – Returning to Three Skeleton Key

Three Skeleton Key Radio Drama AdaptationMAJOR DEAL!!! Radio Drama Revival is in dire need of funding / moral support if we are going to continue running. Please, donate now to keep us from going dark at the end of October, 2014.

Double-feature of the 2009 FinalRune Productions adaptations of the classic OTR tales, “Three Skeleton Key” and “Sorry, Wrong Number.” Recorded on-location and featuring the talented cast of the Mad Horse Theatre Company.

  • Frungi

    No results in a Kickstarter search…

  • finalrune

    Whoa for me promoting something before Kickstarter approved it. The campaign is all set waiting for an admin to read it. You are free to donate using the regular website “Donate” link if you are so disposed 🙂 Thanks Frungi!

  • finalrune

    AY Now THAT! is the attitude 🙂 We are waiting for Kickstarter’s editors to approve the Save RDR campaign…

    – Fred