Episode 385 – Traveling with ZBS to the Land of Enchantment

Part 1 of 4

ZBS Land of Enchantment New Mexico audio dramaThis week we celebrate the fine majestic adventures of Meatball Fulton’s ZBS Foundation, whose comic and cosmic adventures have been delighting listeners since the early 70s. We’ve interviewed Tom Lopez before and this week have permission to play his 4-part radio serial The Land of Enchantment.

Mojo takes a job playing piano at the Armadillo Bistro and Cabaret in Coyote, New Mexico, where he’s drawn into an adventure with a cast of wild west characters, including a 100 year old curandera (medicine woman), and an Apache spirit guide who is one helluva prankster.

We also feature a sample of his newest noir serial, Saratoga Noir which – see below! – comes with its own audio-inspired comic art.

Also! We run another promo for the upcoming Witch Hunter audio book dramatization.

saratoga noir comic strip

  • Zephyr

    So stoked to find this! One of my favorite zbs productions! Grew up listening to all the jack and ruby adventures but left all my CDs back east and have been craving the stories recently. I would love to see some more on here- you’ve gig a new listener/follower for sure!

  • finalrune

    Zephyr – Wonderful! We are very thankful that Meatball has given us special permission to run this show, we have a special love of the Southwest and this is a lovely sound-rich audio adventure. Glad you like it and hope you stay for more!

    – Fred