Episode 379 – Judith Kampfner’s “Amah in the Bathtub”

Judith Kampfner BBC Radio Dramatist

Seasoned radio dramatist Judith Kampfner

We are delighted to feature the work of Judith Kampfner, a veteran journalist and radio dramatist who has worked for close to 30 years in the UK, USA, and Australia producing fiction and nonfiction audio (as well as a fair bit of stuff for the stage).  Judith kindly allows us to play her recent tale, “Amah in the Bathtub,” a sobering look at the abuse of domestic servants in Singapore during the waning age of English imperialism.

Judith joins us after the show to discuss her career, what makes radio drama great and the cultural differences between the USA and UK in regards to contemporary drama.  She also shares details about her upcoming stage play, The Strange Case of Henry Darger, a play about an ordinary-seeming blue collar worker in Chicago who has a hidden life as a prolific and talented artist.

In addition to Judith’s own website, you can find samples of her plays at: https://soundcloud.com/judithkampfner