Episode 377 – FinalRune Productions Redux

Fall of the Hero Audio DramaThis week, a redux of two 2007-era shows from FinalRune Productions:

Fall of the Hero

Sir Grace was the most valiant of all knights, decked in glorious armor that glowed in the sun and a record of dragon-slaying and maiden saving on par with none. But a battle with a renowned wizard with ambiguous ambitions forces Sir Grace to consider things he never imagined, and face his greatest enemy yet: himself.

Tales from Williamsville

Welcome to Williamsville, where tradition and routine dictate the ebb and flow of life. Yet, Williamsville is not without its stories… How do one repressed arsonist, a sexually-charged geriatric, a slimy drug dealer and a soccer mom on steroids combine in the most exciting thing to happen in Williamsville since 1936? Starring a cast of talented and twisted University of Southern Maine students.