Episode 375 – Fighting the Alien from Planet X

Part 1 of 2

Brad Lansky Sci Fi Radio DramaThis week we delve deep, deep into the outer edges of the galaxy for a hauntingly vivid sound designed foray to the “Alien of Planet X,” the re-make of the original Brad Lansky radio drama series produced by South Africa company Protophonic (the brainchild of one mysterious J.D. Venne and Dieter Zimmerman).

Zara, a life form scientist on Earth, is collaborating on a research project with Sandy Larkin in a distant part of the Milky Way. Sandy has discovered a new intelligent life form, but his transmissions suddenly stop without warning.

Weeks later, Zara is contacted by the cybernetic proxy of a wealthy trading family. It claims to have the coordinates of Brad‘s drone Celius, but will not part with any information until she arranges a physical meeting with Brad Lansky on Earth.

Distraught, Zara calls on Brad for help, knowing that Celius is on loan to the Larkin expedition. Brad and Sandy have fallen out since their good old days in flight school and Alex is no fan either, but this no longer matters when Celius is accused of a serious crime against the trading family.

Brad must accept legal liability for the actions of his drone. Their only defence is to mount a rescue mission to a distant, treacherous system and prove what really happened.

But how should they best prepare for it? Zara‘s brief is cold comfort. Are they dealing with a hostile new life form? And how should they prepare for an encounter with a powerful alien entity they know almost nothing about?