Episode 363 – The Return of Salmon of Blackpool (Part 1 of 2)

Salmon of Blackpool Radio DramaHoly crap! Radio Drama Revival is entering its 8th year! In celebration, we are playing some of our favorite selections from years past… starting with a bit of a cheat, a show that kicked off our second year, Crazy Dog Audio Theatre‘s “The Salmon of Blackpool.”

This ranks as one of Fred’s top five dramas of all time, so it gets a little special treatment. Johnny Gallagher is a world famous movie star from Cork, Ireland, but a cranky despot of a man and not taking well to life with a debilitating, fatal disorder. Richie has been hired by some big movie producers to make a ‘feel good’ biopic, but what is there to ‘feel good’ about in the life of this dark figure?

Written, Directed and Produced by Roger Gregg.


David Murray: Johnny Gallagher.
Sarah Greene: Sinead Murphy.
Michael Sheehan: Richie Ryan
Morgan Jones: Doctor Whitman
Georgina Miller: Nurse Marcella.
Liam Heffernan: Donal MacSweeney
Roger Gregg: Sheldon Berkus.
Other parts played by the above members of the cast.

Mark McGrath: Sound Engineer, location recording.
David Grimes: production assistant.

Music composed and performed by Roger Gregg.

Vocals by Sarah Greene.

Recorded and post-produced the Summer of 2007

Behind the Scenes

Actor David Murray during

Actor David Murray was directed to “freak out” in this scene where the prima donna movie star, Johnny Gallagher, first encounters the symptoms of the disease that will lead to his slow decline into a miserable death.

Salmon of Blackpool Cast

The cast of Salmon of Blackpool sits back after a triumphant recording session — just in time for curious Dublin police to cruise by wondering what all the screaming was about?