Episode 361 – Adventures with Neal Henderson in Our Fair City

Part 2 of 2

Our Fair City Audio DramaPolicies and policettes, we at Radio Drama Revival take heart in the warm gripping hands of the Hartlife Corporation, proudly providing YOU with all the life you will ever need. And if you want a little bit more? Well… we’ll learn how that goes for a group of intrepid characters in this week’s show: [the second part] of an omnibus edition of Our Fair City: Season 4.

As the Stormhawk’s survivors explore the underground caverns that are the ruins of Old Hartford, new questions arise: will the wolves find them in this deep cave? Can Humanity survive without the Company? Just what is “Campbell’s,” and could it possibly be as tasty as good old HartLife Algae?

Featuring a special preview of Season 5 of Our Fair City – the first place to hear it! Join them in Chicago this January for a kick-off party (and they always throw great parties).