Episode 355 – FinalRune Halloween Horror Redux

Live Halloween Horror Radio DramaFor the month of October, Fred has been hiding under a rock working on the new Season of The Cleansed – but lest you forget our love of the undead, we feature a rebroadcast of our 2009 LIVE to air Halloween horror radio show, with five original radio plays, full cast, foley FX, live music, and played live on the radio… No retakes! Prepare to get chilled.

Stories Include:

  • The Ghost Behind the Black Door by Roger Gregg
    A couple from the city moves to a mansion in the countryside only to find that things are not all as they expect… a spoof on the classic horror meme.
  • Leaving You is Hell by Fred Greenhalgh
    A dark retelling of the myth of Orpheus inspired by the classic jazz tune “St James Infirmary.” A man in New Orleans is doomed to keep falling in love with the same woman and seducing her to her death.
  • Bone Lake by Mark LaFlamme
    The ice fishing’s going well on Bone Lake, until a man comes from the winter’s night looking for a very strange catch.
  • Third Shift by Kevin Anderson
    A company will sell you very efficient workers at a bargain price. Just don’t send the living to check out their work.

The Talented Cast

Burke Brimmer and Christine Marshall from Mad Horse Theater Company, FinalRune regular Philip Hobby, Janice Gardner, Tom Power.

Live Sound Effects and Music

Live sound effects by Paul Drinan and “Goober,” computer FX by Michael Townsend, live music performed by Barb Truex.

  • jerky

    You do awesome work. Of I had money I’d give you some of it. If money were bricks I’d have very few bricks.