Episode 353 – Entering the “Hungry Hollow” with Campfire Radio Theater

Hungry Hollow Horror Radio DramaOur audio horror ‘treats’ continue this week with a new discovery (to us) – the fantastic talents of Campfire Radio Theater.

The tale we have for you today is the spooky classic ghost-story with fresh take tale “Hungry Hollow.” A few hikers disappear in the woods and find a lost woman. The ravishing runaway sets up a series of twisted consequences. As shadows grow longer, a hideous truth emerges regarding the campfire legends of a wrathful old woman said to inhabit the valley.

Creator John Ballentine tells us it was recorded in the woods using a Zoom H2 recorder, and as you know we’re suckers for field recording. The location recording gives the production this fresh, gripping, ‘you are watching this happen’ sense of urgency that makes the creepy direction of the story oh-so-much-more-effective.

  • David

    The voice talents in this one is phenomenal. The most natural and believable acting I think I’ve ever heard.

  • finalrune

    Glad you liked it, David! We think the ‘field recorded’ aspect in a spooky location really helps get actors in the mood… I’ve passed your praise on to the show’s creator, John Ballentine.

    – Fred