Episode 351 – Digging up a Dose of ‘Wormwood’

Wormwood Supernatural Thriller Radio DramaWe are thrilled that the razorblade-sharp-whit-theyre-coming-for-you-and-UFOs-really-landed-and-stole-your-grandma-kinda-sorta-maybe-radio-drama Nightvale has become a sensation.  From the poorly lit studio of a strange, strange town in god-only-knows-where, these ‘reports’ confirm every warning sign you’ve ever heard.  We’re hooked, Tumblr’s hooked, and you should be too, though as a loyal listener to this podcast you’ve heard all kinds of great eerie radio shows before now…

We look back to the sensationally sordid show Wormwood, which more or less invented the serialized dark mystery podcast genre back in 2007, culminated in a thrilling third season in 2011, then spun-off into a comic book series which continues to this day.

We feature a selection of the third season – Wormwood ‘Revelations’ – where Xander Crowe is being tortured by an evil demonic spirit but finds a way to free himself, and start looking into the other weird mysteries in the town of Wormwood.  What exactly IS going down at the library?