Episode 346 – Dragon*Con weekend; we spell Destiny “Ace Galaksi”

Sibby Wieland from Sound Stages Radio and Noir Dame Productions returns to host the last podcast in August, direct from Dragon*Con, and the Atlanta Sheraton, one of the con’s magnificent host hotels. Audio drama certainly has its part in this pan-confection of a convention – with well over 50,000 guests!

Sibby also reminds listeners to vote in three panels for another big convention – South by Southwest – where Sound Stages Radio and Radio Drama Revival hope to introduce audio drama to a whole new generation of creators and techies. We need your votes.

Then we get to the big enchilada… or… what exactly *is* that strange object? Ace Galaksi is a deadpan, special special agent whose investigations into the universe begin to undermine the powers that be. Enjoy episode 1 and 2 from this fun new SF satire, hailing from Toronto; unlike Dragon*Con, Ace Galaksi doesn’t have a cast of thousands – but does have quite a cast!

  • Frungi

    This episode is completely broken for me. Not even 30 seconds in, it just stops. Audacity crashes when I try to open it there. Can you re-upload this one?

  • finalrune

    Working on it, Frungi!

    – Fred

  • finalrune

    Hmmm it seems to be working on iTunes, through the website, and I downloaded the MP3 fine. We can try re-uploading but aren’t able to pinpoint something wrong at the moment…