Episode 345 – Curious Blasts from the Past – and Future – with Curious Echo

Frank Gadsden - Personal Injury Lawyer of the Future! - chasing an ambulance spaceship

This week we enjoy some well-aged podcast drama from Curious Echo Radio, two episodes from the 2008 serial “The Moon Wraith”, as well as an episode of the more recent (futuristic, you might say!) “Frank Gadsen, Personal Injury Lawyer of the Future.”

Brother, can you spare a vote? Sound Stages Radio and Radio Drama Revival have collected all the panels submitted on audio drama to SXSW (South by Southwest) here – at goo.gl/XCED3V.

South by Southwest is one of the most popular conferences on film, interactive media and technology in the world. It’s where Twitter first took off. A well attended panel on audio drama could benefit podcasters, audio drama fans and the artform as a whole.  We only have until September 6th, so please vote – and encourage your friends, family and the anthropomorphic animals in your life to vote, too.